How to make business gifts work for you – using chocolate and fruit.

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This month, the workshops at Leeds, Wakefield and York were sponsored by Impress Promotions, looking at ways you can impress your clients and ensure they remember you. A little token of appreciation to your clients can go a long way and ultimately help you make more sales.

Gifts are a great way to stick in the minds of your clients – past, current and prospective. They can make you stand out from the crowd and go a long way to securing a better relationship. After all, everyone loves a freebie!

The workshops with Impress Promotions looked at:

  • How you can become more memorable
  • Increasing sales with the least effort
  • Your strategy at The Business Network
  • How to make more money!

The workshops were led by Carl Barton, who in the 80’s was involved in the infamous gifts from Natwest Bank. The children’s piggy banks, which are collectors items today, were a great example of how to encourage and invite customers in through the use of gifts.

The scheme was a huge success for the bank, encouraging children to save money with them. It made banking fun for children – the more you saved, the more piggy banks you would get. Who could forget Annabel, the piggy you received when you hit the £25 mark!

The story is a wonderful example of how to create an impression – to your clients or customers. Investing a little in gifts can reward your company with more sales as people are lured in with those memorable items.

Thank you to Carl for sharing his expertise in the July workshops.

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