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Caroline Coward - Director

The Business Network is a structured lunchtime networking group with a national reputation for excellence. This is your opportunity to experience business to business networking at its best. It will only cost you the price of a lunch plus a couple of hours of your time.

At each event we have a seating plan which ensures a good selection of businesses at each table. Membership is corporate and by invitation. We allow 4 to 5 members in each business category.


The Business Network has a unique and very effective format and has been helping businesses grow since 1994. These events attract business owners, directors and senior level staff i.e. the decision makers.

Networking is a fantastic way to build and grow your business. We support the decision makers from a wide range of businesses who wish to promote their business and expand three network of service providers.

Why not come along and give it a try?

The Lunch Event Fee is £25.00 inc VAT*

*PayPal and EventBrite fees may apply

All attendees are well looked after and made very welcome!

Next Events

Leeds Event

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Date: September 26, 2018

Time: 11:15 - 12:00 (Workshop) | 12:00 - 14:00 (Lunch)

Location: Gusto Restaurant Cookridge

Date: 26 September 2018 – Bookings by 24 September

Venue: Gusto Restaurant Cookridge – LS16 6HN

Cost: £25.00 inc VAT – arrival drink / 2 course lunch / coffee

£27.91 inc VAT – if paying online*


Alpha’s v Boomers – has technology changed that much?

I’m going to take a stroll through technology from Baby Boomers through to Generation Alpha with what I’ve seen through my working life and how I’ve seen it change what we do in business.
Yes – I might refer to a few things to do with telecoms; but rather than being a workshop on changing your life, hopefully it’ll bring back some memories for us dinosaurs…. and bring a few laughs for the people who are midway through the timescales mentioned, and perhaps make the late Generation Z’s realise how lucky they are to have been born when they were

This event is sponsored by:

Jeff Cohen – Time Communications

Office: 0113 2059640

Mobile: 07903 943721



Wakefield Event

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Date: September 12, 2018

Time: 11:15 - 12:00 (Workshop) | 12:00 - 14:00 (Lunch)

Location: Hotel St Pierre

Date: 12 September 2018 – Bookings by 10 September

Venue: Hotel St Pierre – WF2 6QG

Cost: £25.00 inc VAT – arrival drink / 2 course lunch / coffee

£27.91 inc VAT – if paying online*


Cancer & Lifestyle – How Strong is the Link?

It used to be 1-in-50; now it’s down to 1-in-2
What’s changed and what can we do about it?
We drill right into the DNA to find out what cancer actually is, how it starts and what we can do to help its prevention
Seriously – not depressive, but insightful.
One serial networker said ‘it was the most informative presentation in all his years of networking’

This event is sponsored by:

WPA Healthcare Practice

Mark Longley

07976 700511



York Event

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Date: September 18, 2018

Time: 11:15 - 12:00 (Workshop) | 12:00 - 14:00 (Lunch)

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton York

Date: 18 September 2018 – Bookings by 14 September

Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton – YO31 7JA

Cost: £25.00 inc VAT – arrival drink / 2 course lunch / coffee

£27.91 inc VAT – if paying online*


DiSC – The power of understanding workplace behaviours when building a winning team

Using the principles of DiSC this presentation is geared for business owners and leaders who struggle in their approach when recruiting and developing people to grow their businesses.
DiSC is a tool used to identify individual behavioural characteristics and when used to its full potential can assist to make more considered decisions when building a winning team.

This event is sponsored by:

The Alternative Board – York

Elliot Rich

07730 531343