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We usually sit between 35 and 50 in Wakefield & York Business Network events and between 55 and 70 in Leeds Business Network events.

These events attract business owners, directors and senior level staff and each delegate will receive a Seating Plan on arrival.  This gives details of all attendees with an allocated table number to avoid any conflict of business interests on the tables over lunch.

The Lunch Business Network Event Fee is £30.00 inc VAT per person if paid via internet banking or cash / cheque on the day.  If you pay via PayPal the cost is £32.88 inc VAT per person.

We run one lunch business networking event in each location every month – Wakefield, York & Leeds

Yes – you can attend once at all three groups as a visitor and just pay the Lunch Business Network Event Fee for York, Leeds & Wakefield

After your visit you need to apply for an Annual Membership to attend again

Each Group is run separately – the annual membership fee is £300 inc VAT

Membership can be paid:- 1 x £300, 3 x £100 over the first three month or £25.00 per month

The multi-group deal on membership is if you join two groups you get the third ½ price.

Membership is corporate and up to two representatives can attend at each event. We take multiples in each business category but this is limited to between 3 & 5 and membership places are allocated on a first come first served basis.  If your business category is full you will be offered a place on the wait list.

16 January 2019Waterton Park24 January 2019DoubleTree31 January 2019Novotel
6 February 2019Hotel St Pierre13 February 2019DoubleTree27 February 2019Marriott Hotel
6 March 2019Cedar Court14 March 2019Marriott Hotel20 March 2019Gusto Restaurant
3 April 2019Waterton Park9 April 2019Novotel11 April 2019Novotel
15 May 2019Hotel St Pierre21 May 2019The Hospitium23 May 2019Marriott Hotel
12 June 2019Cedar Court19 June 2019DoubleTree26 June 2019Gusto Restaurant
10 July 2019Hotel St Pierre16 July 2019Novotel24 July 2019Novotel
1 August 2019Cedar Court6 August 2019Marriott Hotel8 August 2019Castle Grove
17 September 2019Waterton Park19 September 2019Novotel25 September 2019Gusto Restaurant
9 October 2019Hotel St Pierre17 October 2019DoubleTree23 October 2019Castle Grove
6 November 2019Waterton Park14 November 2019Marriott Hotel20 November 2019Marriott Hotel
3 December 2019Cedar Court5 December 2019Novotel11 December 2019Novotel


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