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We usually sit between 35 and 50 at the Wakefield & York Events and between 55 and 70 at the Leeds Events

Each delegate will receive a copy of the Seating Plan on arrival at the Event

This gives details of attendees together with their allocated table number – this avoids conflict of business interests on the tables over lunch

The Seating Plan is not available in advance of the event

The Lunch Event Fee is £30.00 inc VAT per person – paid via internet banking prior to event

We hold one Business Networking Lunch Event in each location every month

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Yes – you can attend once at all three groups (Wakefield, York & Leeds) as a visitor and just pay the Lunch Event Fee

After your visit you need to apply for an Annual Membership to attend again

Each Group is run separately – the annual membership fee is £300 inc VAT

Membership can be paid:- 1 x £300, 3 x £100 over the first three month or £25.00 per month

The multi-group deal on membership is if you join two groups you get the third ½ price.

Membership is corporate and up to two representatives can attend at each event.

We take multiples in each business category but this is limited to between 3 & 5 and membership places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

If your business category is full you will be offered a place on the wait list.

Wakefield – 2022
York – 2022
Leeds – 2022
Date Venue Date Venue Date Venue
12 January Hotel St Pierre 13 January Marriott 19 January Novotel
2 February Hotel St Pierre 9 February Novotel 16 February Novotel
2 March Hotel St Pierre 10 March Marriott 23 March Novotel
6 April Hotel St Pierre 5 April Novotel 20 April Novotel
11 May Hotel St Pierre 20 May Marriott 25 May Novotel
8 June Hotel St Pierre 16 June Novotel 22 June Novotel
6 July Hotel St Pierre July TBA 20 July Novotel
3 August Hotel St Pierre August TBA 10 August Novotel
15 September Hotel St Pierre September TBA 28 September Novotel
6 October Hotel St Pierre October TBA 19 October Novotel
2 November Hotel St Pierre November TBA 16 November Novotel
1 December Hotel St Pierre December TBA 14 December Novotel

2022 Joint Online Events – Via Zoom

28th January / 18th February / 25th March / 29th April / 27th May / 24th June

22nd July / 12th August / 30th September / 21st October / 25th November / 16th December

For further information email [email protected]

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