Business Planning – Exit Plans, Strategy and Development

Thank you to Neil Jaggar of Jackroyd Developments who leads this month’s workshop in Wakefield.

Many businesses fail to achieve their true potential due to the lack of a defined strategy and plan. A good business strategy and plan is your unique roadmap to achieving business success. You should refer to it on a regular basis and adapt and amend it as required; if the strategy changes – so should the plan.

A key part of this is the financial planning and cash forecasting.  By creating a realistic and achievable business plan moving your business forward will be much easier.

Your plan should be focused and prepared with future goals, challenges or future business uncertainties allowed for.

There are many reasons why you may want to exit your business: market conditions might be at their optimum; you plan to retire, or maybe ill-health or other personal circumstances force you to sell. Whatever the situation, it is imperative to plan your exit properly and to start implementing your strategy early, in order to maximise the value of your business. Generally the longer you have to exit the business – the better value you will achieve.

Exiting a business can be stressful, uncertain and all time-consuming and in many cases there are various options available to you, so evaluate your options and ensure you get the best results for both you and your business.”

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