What are the event dates for 2020?

16 January 2020Hotel St Pierre21 January 2020Novotel29 January 2020Marriott Hotel
5 February 2020Cedar Court13 February 2020DoubleTree26 February 2020Gusto Restaurant
4 March 2020Hotel St Pierre12 March 2020Marriott Hotel19 March 2020Castle Grove
31 March 2020Hotel St Pierre2 April 2020Novotel22 April 2020Gusto Restaurant
7 May 2020Cedar Court12 May 2020Marriott Hotel20 May 2020Novotel
10 June 2020Hotel St Pierre18 June 2020DoubleTree24 June 2020Marriott Hotel
1 July 2020Cedar Court9 July 2020Marriott Hotel15 July 2020Gusto Restaurant
4 August 2020Cedar Court6 August 2020Novotel12 August 2020Castle Grove
16 September 2020Hotel St Pierre24 September 2020Novotel29 September 2020Novotel
8 October 2020Hotel St Pierre20 October 2020DoubleTree22 October 2020Gusto Restaurant
5 November 2020Cedar Court19 November 2020The Hospitium25 November 2020Marriott Hotel
1 December 2020Cedar Court3 December 2020Marriott Hotel9 December 2020Novotel


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