What are the event dates for 2020?

16 January 2020Hotel St Pierre21 January 2020Novotel29 January 2020Marriott Hotel
5 February 2020Cedar Court13 February 2020DoubleTree26 February 2020Gusto Restaurant
4 March 2020Hotel St Pierre12 March 2020Marriott Hotel19 March 2020Castle Grove
31 March 2020Hotel St Pierre2 April 2020Novotel22 April 2020Gusto Restaurant
12 May 2020Cedar Court15 May 2020Marriott Hotel20 May 2020Novotel
10 June 2020Hotel St Pierre18 June 2020DoubleTree24 June 2020Marriott Hotel
1 July 2020Cedar Court9 July 2020Marriott Hotel15 July 2020Gusto Restaurant
4 August 2020Cedar Court6 August 2020Novotel12 August 2020Castle Grove
16 September 2020Hotel St Pierre24 September 2020Novotel29 September 2020Novotel
8 October 2020Hotel St Pierre20 October 2020DoubleTree22 October 2020Gusto Restaurant
5 November 2020Cedar Court19 November 2020The Hospitium25 November 2020Marriott Hotel
1 December 2020Cedar Court3 December 2020Marriott Hotel9 December 2020Novotel


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